Youth Calendar

Noisy Offering for November: TRF Food Shelf

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 Little Lambs – 5th grade Events      (Also known as K-5 Events)

FLAPJACKS FOR FAITH—on December 15, 2019.
We are in need of families to help work the event.
Funds raised go toward IFA ‘s. Sign Up sheet by youth director office.

IFA -(Individual Family Accounts)  students of any age can start adding funds to their account. These funds can be used for church sponsored events.

2020 God’s Creation Wall Calendars

2020 God’s creation Calendars are now available for $8.00.  Cards/notepads available also.
If you would like to sell these on Sunday mornings (to earn $ for your IFA) see Kami.

Confirmation Supper Menu– 5:15 PM
November 27—No Confirmation
December 4: Macaroni & Cheese
(includes pop/water, fruit or vege, and dessert $4.00)

November Confirmation Classes– 6 PM
November 27th— Thanksgiving Eve Worship at Zion. Students are encouraged to attend.
December 4th: Large and Small Group

All Middle School StudentsYou are invited to join us every Sunday up in the Youth Room  at 9:30 am. We will have a fun time of fellowship as we grow in our love and learn about Jesus!

If you have any questions about Sunday school or our Events please let Becky (218-686-5563) or Davina (218-689-4965) know.  You can also email us at

NOTE—If you are new to our Sunday School or Youth Activities, please inform the church office of your children’s names, grades, contact phone number and mailing address so we can keep you informed of upcoming events. Email to Madison Crane, Youth & Family Ministries  or call  Zion Lutheran Church 218-681-3296.