Vacation Bible School (Day Camp) 

July 31 – August 3  at Zion  Grades K-6

(Students entering Kindergarten thru entering 6th grade)

Registration:   $30 per camper as Zion member

$40 per camper as non Zion member

Make checks out to Zion Youth.

Zion will be teaming up Pathways to put on an action packed four days of relational (a ratio of adult to camper 1:6), renewal (of new ideas, songs and energy), outreach (reaching out to our sister churches of Redeemer & Trinity) and fun (filled full of singing, crafting, playing games and exploring your faith)! For this fun faith filled experience to happen we are going to need volunteers and host families for the pathway counselors.  If you feel called to be a host or volunteer, contact or 218-681-3296.


  Youth News

 I would like to say a HUGE Thank you to everyone that has helped this year with Sunday School! The following have volunteered their time this year: Laura Rude, Jenna VonHoltum, Sara Scheef, Alisha Schneider, Brittany Johnson, Becky Fredrickson, Davina Brown,  Becky Peterson,  Miriah Misson, Tristan Hanson, Jana Erickson, Frances Tougus,  Shawna Spears,  Krista Johnson,  KamiSpears,  Chrysi Gibson, Becky Phillip, Kayla Bruggeman,  and anyone else that may have filled in.I would also like to say Thank You to you the parents for bringing your child/children to Sunday school and sharing that hour with us! It’s always fun to watch them grow through out the year!

Wishing Everyone a Fun and Safe Summer!  Amber Holtan & The Christian Ed & Youth Board


 ELCA National Youth Gathering Registration will start 9-15-17 through 11-15-18. ELCA National Youth Gathering will be June 23-July 2, 2018 in Houston, Texas. Youth that are eligible to attend are in 8th—12th grade at the time of registration. Contact if you are interested in going. Fundraising is a big help with this event.

 IFA The youth will be getting ready for the ELCA National Youth Gathering Trip that will be taken place in Houston, TX June 27th-July 1st, 2018 A great way to insure to go on the trip is to build up an IFA…  What is an IFA? Its an Individual fundraising account set up with the church to help off set the costs of church activities. Who has one? All kids that are little lambs through 12th grade.

How can I contribute to my son or daughters IFA? Watch for the churches bulletin and Newsletter for any up coming events to work. Good examples would be flapjacks for faith and rummage sale. Option two is fundraising, like how the youth were selling calendars earlier this year. We will be seeing more fundraising. There is option three which is to contribute money directly to the IFA.

 Thank You to our Muffin Makers:

~2017 Pocket Calendars $6.00  ( only 7 left), Magnet pads $3.00 Notepads $1.00. Contact  Wall Calendars sold out.

Makes checks payable to Zion Youth. Available in Narthex and also Youth Office.  Thank you for your support!


 NOTICE—If you are new to our Sunday School or Youth Activities, please inform the church office of your children’s names, grades, contact phone number and mailing address so we can keep you informed of upcoming events. You can email information to

~ SUNDAY SCHOOL SUPPLIES:  Some items that could be used: Kleenex, hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, band aids, scotch tape, crayons, washable markers, mechanical pencils, pens, expo markers, permanent markers, and construction paper.  Any donations will be greatly appreciated!


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