Christian Education here at Zion is considered a life long venture. It is not just something for Sunday School children and Confirmation classes. As Christians, we believe we have a loving God who knows us better than we know ourselves. Our God also wants to be known by us. One way God makes himself known is through the study of God’s Word and God’s way for us.

We can learn more about God, and experience his love for us as we walk along the sure path of our “Faith Stepping Stones.”

1. BAPTISM – God’s Promise; Parents vows

2. ENTRY INTO SUNDAY SCHOOL (3 years old) – Little Lambs

3. SECOND GRADE BIBLE (2rd grade) – Quick Course

4. FIRST COMMUNION (5th grade) – Class – Seder Meal – Maundy Thursday – First Communion Service.

5. BEGIN CONFIRMATION (8th grade) – Presentations/Small Groups, Service/Fellowship events.

6. YOUTH FORUM (9th grade) – Senior High/Topics/Bible Studies/Discussions.

7. CONFIRMATION DAY – (10th grade) – Faith Statements/Retreat/Banquet.

8. ADULT FORUM – Bible studies/Issues/Topics/Information

9. BIBLE STUDIES – Inspire/WELCA/Men’s Prayer Breakfast/Home Studies/Crossways.

10. SMALL GROUP SESSIONS – Support/Prayer/Bible Studies/New Member/Parenting.