Building Use Policies

Generally, the facilities of Zion Lutheran church are available for its members and other nonprofit organizations in the community for the betterment of the community and for the furtherance of the Lord’s work.We provide a smoke-free environment in the building and do not permit the consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises, including the parking lot.

Nonmembers and for-profit organizations may use the church for a designated time on a fee basis and only if the schedule permits. All regular church programs and activities will have priority.

All building use requests and permissions are handled at the church office by the office manager. An application form needs to be filled out.

Individuals or organizations using the building shall be responsible for any breakage, damage or soiling beyond the normal wear-and-tear to the property that may occur while the building is in use. They shall also be responsible for picking up and bagging litter on the premises.

Zion Lutheran Church (including its staff and officers) will not assume responsibility for accidents or injuries during a non-church event.

Generally, church property shall not be removed from the building. We do have a few old tables and chairs, however, available to members that can be taken out for graduation receptions, etc., but they must be checked out and returned before the next Sunday.

No food or beverages are allowed in the sanctuary.

Tape, tacks, nails on woodwork or walls is not permitted during any gathering.


Members in “good standing” (“Confirmed members who for a period of one year, partake of Holy Communion, support the church with his/her offerings, and who worship” Bylaws, Article 6) are given preference for wedding dates. Nonmember weddings are possible but cannot be booked until three months prior to the wedding date to give preference to active members.

Weddings need to be “booked” with the office Manager. The date is not “firm” until all fees have been paid at the church office. At the time of booking, a wedding booklet will be given to the couple with more details.

All couples shall work with one of our Wedding Coordinators to make specific plans for the wedding.

The following wedding fees apply:


$100.00 Wedding Coordinator

$100.00 Technology Fee (sound system)

$75.00 Sanctuary Custodial

$75.00 Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall Custodial


$175.00 Use of Sanctuary

$125.00 Wedding Coordinator

$100.00 Technology Fee (sound system)

$75.00 Custodian

$150.00 Pastoral Service and Counseling

$625.00 Total


$300.00 Use of Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall

$125.00 Wedding Coordinator

$100.00 Technology Fee (sound system)

$150.00 Custodian

$150.00 Pastoral Service and Counseling

$825.00 Total

The above fees need to paid to Zion Lutheran Church at the time of booking the wedding. Additional fees for organist, soloists, c camera operators should be paid directly to these people.

The church pipe organ may be used by qualified musicians other than our regular organists. Before using the organ, however, they shall meet with one of our church organists for orientation.

The church video camera is permanently installed in the balcony. If it is to be used, it must be operated by a person who has had proper training from Zion. A list of qualified people is available in the office.

No rice, bird seed, confetti, glitter, etc. are allowed on the premises for weddings.



$100.00 Sanctuary and Custodial

Members are encouraged to make a contribution for custodial work.

Open House for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Showers, etc.

The date needs to be confirmed with the Office Manager and put on the church calendar at least a month in advance of the event.


$75.00 Fellowship Hall

$100.00 Custodial

Members are encouraged to make a contribution for custodial work.

When the kitchen is used for a large meal (over 100) a $50.00 fee will be charged as well. A ZLCW member must be present.

Church Van

The church vans will normally be available for any church function. the person who drives the van must be at least 21 and must submit his driver’s license information to the church office for insurance purposes prior to its use. Keys are to be picked up at the office and returned promptly after the van has been returned. When the van is returned, it needs to be refueled and the amount charged to Zion Lutheran Church along with the designated board that was authorized its use.

Non-Profit Civic Organizations

The building is available for community non-profit organizations. j For a one-time use, the request needs to be approved by the Office Manager. For extended use, it is necessary that such organizations contact the church office and get the approval of the Church Properties Board. They shall designate which area or room is to be used, and all activity should be limited to that area. A key for the building needs to be checked out from the Office Manager the day of the meeting and returned the next day. The elevator is normally off-limits unless arranged for. The group is responsible for cleaning up after the meeting and, if an evening meeting, turning off the lights and locking doors. Non-profit groups that use the facilities on a regular basis are encouraged to make an annual contribution to the church for custodial work done on their behalf.

Other specific requests will be handled on an individual basis.